"Wake The Dead is a message of hope for all of us that, at one time or another, were part of the zombie apocolypse that seems to be happening all around us. The dead are each one of us that have fallen for the programming of this world and society - programming that tells us we're not good enough, young enough, skinny enough, don't have the right clothes, don't drive the right car, need more things, and wants you to chase money, power, and fame because it believes that is the purpose of this life. My belief is that the only one that can truly wake us from this dead-like sleep is Jesus. He is the way, He is the truth, and He is the life that all of us are searching for. These songs are meant to inspire, strengthen, and embolden us to stand up against the systems of this world, but more importantly, in case we don't know Him yet, they are meant to introduce us to our Maker - the God that is pure love, pure grace, pure forgiveness, pure truth, and whose purpose is to turn us into pure gold."- Marz


The physical CD includes the following songs:

1. Shut Em Down

2. Prosper

3. Celebrate

4. Do My Dance

5. Mountain - BONUS TRACK

6. Always - BONUS TRACK

7. Wake The Dead

Wake The Dead EP